Tow Capacity of Honda Pilot

The Tow Capacity of the Honda Pilot is the perfect combination of urban comfort and excellent off-road capability. When driving around the city, it shows excellent maneuverability and ease of handling in fast-flowing traffic.

There is also an excellent adaptation to the Russian climate and road conditions. The car is economical and fast, the acceleration time to 100 km / h is 9.1 s.


The restyling of the Tow Capacity of the Honda Pilot has added alignment in every line and body element.

The front end with LED headlights and a radiator grille lends a slightly aggressive yet elegant look. Despite its off-road appearance, the smooth lines of the body of the car speak of its internal dynamics.

An interesting solution is a camera installed in the right side mirror, which removes the problem of the blind spot.

Interior and technology

All seats are upholstered in leather, with special perforations to allow your body to breathe. The color of the chairs can be chosen either white or black. Heated seats are present in both the first and second rows.

  • The multifunctional steering wheel has many conveniently located multimedia control keys. In the cold season, thanks to the built-in heater, it warms up quickly, eliminating the need to wear gloves.
  • The dashboard is a fully digital display that can be adjusted to your liking.
  • The 3-position power sunroof is conveniently positioned on the roof, adding a sense of space.
  • There is no need to remove the key from your pocket to open and close the central locking or start the engine. The crossover itself will determine the owner by the proximity of the key.
  • ECON mode allows you to reduce fuel consumption and increase the smoothness of acceleration when you press the gas pedal.

When you decide to buy a Honda Pilot, you will protect your passengers with 10 airbags located throughout the cabin.

Specifications honda pilot

This model comes with a 3.0-liter V6 petrol engine with 249 hp. The transmission is represented by a 6-speed automatic transmission and an intelligent all-wheel-drive system iVTM-4.

The trunk of the Honda Pilot is a weighty 827 liters, and the Tow Capacity of the Honda Pilot with the second row folded all 1779 liters.


A large display located on the center panel controls all the main functions of the car:

  • Honda Connect keeps you informed of all parameters and events, for example, if you exceed your speed limit.
  • MirrorLink, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto interfaces allow you to connect any smartphone to the system. Such a connection makes it possible to listen to music from the phone’s playlist, answer on the speakerphone, and automatically read SMS messages.
  • For rear passengers, there is a separate screen with a video player located on the ceiling.
  • For comfortable listening to music or watching a movie, the car has a noise reduction system.

The stylish latest-generation Honda Pilot crossover stands out in city traffic and is perfect for adventures outside the city.

Every ride on it is a pleasure, the developers have taken care not only of comfort and design but also of the technical equipment of the model.

The characteristics of the new Honda Pilot can be found below

The car of the updated configuration is presented on the Russian market with an engine of the Earth Dreams family (3 liters), equipped with the I-VTEC valve adjustment system.

It works in tandem with a six-speed automatic transmission and develops power up to 249 liters. with. The soft ride is provided by pneumatic shock absorbers, independent front, and multi-link rear suspension.

It should be noted the fast acceleration (in 9.1 sec. To 100 km / h) and moderate gasoline consumption for this class (14.3 l / 100 km), as well as the adaptation of the engine to the AI-92 fuel.

More detailed technical characteristics of the “Honda Pilot” are given in the table. Also on the page, you can see photos of the body and interior of the new car, watch a video review of the Tow Capacity of the Honda Pilot.

Tow Capacity of Honda Pilot

True, brand loyalty alone is not enough, because the last generation of the crossover was taken not only for the immense interior but also for the brick-brutal appearance.

And for the sake of aerodynamics, silence in the cabin, and fuel economy, the new “ Tow capacity of honda pilot ” was trimmed and “licked” so that lovers of chopped forms already sprinkle ashes on their heads and call the newcomer a beefy CR-V.

Although someone will like both the gloomier “physiognomy” and the massive proportions of the body. And what else is the new Pilot going to entice this 63% of loyal and new customers, the majority of whom in the family have seven in the shops?

Not cramped, to put it mildly, was in the previous “Pilot”, but the new salon is even more spacious!

The Pilot has become almost 80 mm longer (up to 4.95 m), the wheelbase has been extended by 45 mm, and the trunk has been lengthened by 33 mm.

For the sake of better streamlining, the crossover was made 25 mm lower, although in this case, the ceiling is somewhere far above and even tall passengers do not threaten to prop it up.

True, due to the lowered roof, the landing itself became lower: the front seats were lowered by 2.5 cm, the middle sofa by 3 cm, and the third row – by 5.6 cm at once.

Sitting in the second row, I really feel that the landing became low, and the length of the pillow is still a little short. But this is perhaps the only nagging.

Difference between old & new honda pilot

The old Pilot has 17-inch wheels, the new one has 18-inches, and in the USA they also offer 20-inch “rollers”. The new body is 40 kg lighter and 25% stiffer than the previous one, and the platform is common with the Acura MDX crossover. At the same time, the new Pilot is about a centner lighter than the old one.

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