What is the best course of action if you see a thunderstorm approaching?

What is the best course of action if you see a thunderstorm approaching?: When we are boats, we know that one of the possibilities that can arise is that a storm appears with strong winds that make our tranquility end.

It does not mean that we could necessarily be in a dangerous situation, but rather that navigation could become a bit shaky, and anyone would be concerned about it.

The boats have state-of-the-art equipment with the technical capacity to spot these bad weather changes and anticipate maneuvers aimed at reducing the impact they may cause.

What Is The Best Course Of Action If You See A Thunderstorm Approaching?

There are at least five procedures in place to provide security for passengers and crew on board, which are immediately available to the Captain in command of the cruise boat.

Placement Of Nets On Pools

They place immediately to prevent passengers from entering or remaining in these while the boat is rocking.

The nets do not prevent the water in the pools from transferring the containment limits that they have, so ropes or ropes are also placed to keep away a curious passenger who wants to approach, either due to recklessness, or ignorance, or to take some photo in the middle of said rocking.

This measure of nets placement is also carried out at night to avoid the use of swimming pools during non-permitted hours. If too much surf expects, the Captain can order the pools to empty to give the boat more stability. A moving liquid element inside the boat can create instability.

Closure Of Roofs

All of us who love this way of traveling love to go out on the decks to enjoy the sea breeze, watch the sunrise, and enjoy the fabulous sunsets that sailing gives us.

But it happens that when strong winds occur, there are places on the ship such as some open areas that are to port or starboard that they become more dangerous in the face of these eventualities of the climate.

Stairwells, access doors, and places for lifeboats more easily pocket winds, and the permanence of people and objects in these areas can cause danger to those who are there.

The captain arranges for the closure of these sites with cords or other blocking objects and announces to passengers on the public address system that these areas will remain closed until the winds diminish.

Starting The Stabilizers

Technology, together with knowledge of hydrodynamics, has made navigation more comfortable and safe. The stabilizers are designed to reduce the cruise’s oscillating movement, thus making the boat move more smoothly, and reducing the possibility of dizziness among passengers.

Stabilizers are generally used on passenger boats such as cruise boats, to reduce the feeling of dizziness and improve well-being on board. They are fins easily inserted into the interior of the ship using a hydraulic mechanism. The fin box has a slot to insert the fin into the hull and thus minimize hydrodynamic resistance, they open and close, but we cannot see them because they operate underwater.

In the event of strong waves, they unfold underwater on both sides of the hull, like the large wings of an airplane, thus minimizing the cruise boats’ possible role. I think they are the salvation of a lot of us !!

Storage Of Objects Inside The Boat

The gift shops inside the ship are undoubtedly our space of desire. In them, we can find perfumes, jewelry, drinks, and clothing, but in adverse, bad weather situations, they are the places that must shelter because they have objects of great value and also that can cause damage if the movement of the boat was intense and they broke.

For these reasons, the Captain immediately gets in touch with the Hotel Director to arrange for the corresponding departments to put them in custody or care and even, many times. The closure of these places, so that the objects are not broken, and those that were glass do not cause significant damage to passengers and the same crew.

After the storm, they will work again and continue feeding our desire—other places like bars.

Placement Of Tiding Bags In Boat

We all know that life on board a cruise boat in many cases like mine is accompanied by motion sickness. This disorder is due to movement, either by sea, air, car, or train, or that produced by some attractions whose main symptoms are vomiting, nausea, and lack of balance, produced by repetitive linear and angular acceleration and deceleration.

What is the best course of action if you see a thunderstorm approaching? The boats’ staff is prepared for these situations and is in charge of providing guests with sickness bags.

In some companies, these bags are deposited in different places in the common areas or delivered by the waiter directly in the booths. Generally, we will see them hanging on the stairs in front of the elevators. It is also possible to request an anti-motion sickness patch either at the front desk or in the hospital on board at no cost.  Some shipping companies will also place green apples in the main lobby.

Recommendations For Boating In Bad Weather

With the arrival of the cold, many boats remain moored or stored until the next summer season. But if you are always a true lover of the sea, you probably do not want to wait for the right bad weather to return to go sailing.

In the previous bulletin, we gave you the keys to carry out the outboard motor’s winterization and keep your boat safe until next summer. In this month’s, we bring you several reasons why it is worth enjoying the sea even if the bad weather is not as good as in summer.

More Peace Of Mind

Do you remember that spectacular cove that you couldn’t go to in the summer because it was full of bathers?

Now that the bad weather is not so good, it is surely more accessible. And it is that, during the winter, the sea is much calmer, with fewer people and boats, which makes any journey more pleasant.T he silence and serenity of these months can make you live a unique experience on the high seas.

If you are always one of those who love boating for miles without seeing another wake that is not one of your boats or has in mind a long journey, but you never decide to undertake it, now may be the time.

Your Boat, Always On Point

Another good reason to encourage us to sail on these dates is that we will prevent our boat from deteriorating excessively, helping to improve its performance. If we do not stop going out to sea, we will be able to check that everything works properly continually. If any maintenance task has to carry out, we can do it without sacrificing the summer days and at a lower price.

Specialists in nautical repairs usually have more availability and cheaper rates during this time, so any replacement will be less expensive.

Experience And Human Relations

If you sail in a group in harsh bad weather conditions, unique experiences of coexistence with the rest of the crew will create. Unity, help, collaboration, support. All the unforeseen inconveniences that you find during the journey will become beautiful memories that you will remember fondly with time.

With this type of always experience, you will get a more united and capable crew to complement each other. The key to working as a team is to know each other well and better achieve this than by accumulating miles and experiencing new situations. But always putting safety ahead of and avoiding the days of storms or excessive winds.

At an individual level, you will also acquire more skills, expand your knowledge, and be more prepared to face any navigation condition. Take advantage of that the majority of Spanish coasts have meteorology that allows you to go out to sea in winter and become an expert in the field. You will not regret it!

Lower Rates And More Availability

It is almost a no-brainer, but if you think about renting, in winter, the demand for boats drops considerably, and it is easier to choose the model you want. Would you like a speedboat for fast navigation? Do you dream of operating a sailboat? Do not miss the opportunity and check availability now that summer has ended.

Also, at this time, there are significant discounts on both boat rentals and sailing clubs. The difference concerning the summer rates reaches up to 50% in some cases. For example, winter bonuses will allow you to make five or more outings in a row or spaced out in time at a very affordable price.

Considering that the nautical sector is one of the most affected by seasonality, taking advantage of the adjusted prices of the winter months is a great opportunity.

Head And Limbs Well Protected

The head is one of the parts of our body most sensitive to cold. Thus, it is very important to keep it warm and protect it with a hat that guarantees warmth. In this sense, many sailors assure that by having a warm head, hands, and feet, the rest of the body will also be warm.

In addition to the hat, a What is the best course of action if you see a thunderstorm approaching, it is convenient to bet on gloves and socks with thermal fabrics that protect you from the cold so that you are comfortable and warm the trip lasts.


I must say What is the best course of action if you see a thunderstorm approaching I was always fortunate not to have any storms on the high seas, and I hope that the planets will continue to accompany me on my future cruises.

I know many of you who will be reading this note that has gone through these whims of nature, but as Aristotle once said, “We must free ourselves from the hope that one day the sea will be calm. You have to learn to sail in strong winds…”

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